I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at Adrian College.  The purpose of this blog is solely to develop a book to be used in my American Federal Government class.  I despise the style and bulk of textbooks, and am trying to write an “anti-textbook,” a book that will be more readable than textbooks, with more focus on analytical principles and less on historical detail, and that doesn’t cost $80 or more.  In short, a book that a student might actually keep on their bookshelf for future reference.  Students assure me there is demand for such a book (that is, they also hate textbooks).

To ensure I am meeting my goal of writing a book that is both informative and readable, I invite all readers here to critique the chapters of the book as I write them.  Whether the critique is about style or content, I welcome your comments.

(Header Photo: Justice Department Building, Washington, D.C. Copyright Scott Hanley, 2007.


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